Where I see my dev ops career going

Where I see my dev ops career going

At this point in time I just started a new job doing mobile development. I'm very happy with my decision but I'm starting to notice how my goals/work to support my goal is shifting. The way I'm looking at being in dev ops seems to be different than anyone else I've spoken too. Let me back up and explain dev ops for those who are new.

Define Dev ops

Dev ops stands for developer operations. My personal definition is the glue to every project. They make sure developers can just focus on the code while also making sure that on the operations side (servers and such) stay in budget. It's the perfect job to mix business and developer knowledge.

What I'm doing different

Well the biggest thing I'm doing is focusing on mobile. I have talked to a few dev ops people and a lot of times the focus is web and server based. I want to make the process easier in the mobile space. Granted Dev ops is fairly new but it I think the biggest value is on mobile. A ton of people have apps and iffy processes. What if you could help speed up the process so that all devs need to discuss is deployment frequency, language, and what they use to deploy their app.

Lastly another difference in my perspective that I've heard is that I come from a mobile security perspective. When I achieve a balance with deployments and security checks in the mobile area I don't think anyone will be able to stop me. A lot of people do these things separately right now and I'm looking to bundle it all.

I'm not saying this idea is mind blowing or anything but this is the angle I want to take it. I'm ok if I never get a formal dev ops job but creating automated processes to help speed up the work I am doing is key to obtaining the life I desire.