We got a Date

Set a date for my security+ and talking about study resources.

We got a Date

"I don't want to hold you" but I set a date for my security+. I've been dragging my feet a little for unknown reasons. Now, with a date I had to ramp up my studying and really push the resources. The following is a list of things I'm using and if I recommend it (please remember I haven't sat for the test yet).

Pocket Prep

Pocket prep is a free study app but you only get 30 questions. They have different paid plans to give you more material and even have a guarantee at certain price.

Recommendation: Don't Buy

Sect+ book

This is a book written by Darril Gibson. Buying the book give you free access to his site and more practice quizzes. He states in the beginning that with the book you only need 45 days to learn the material and pass the test.

Recommendation: Buy

Security+ app (iOS/Android)

This app is supposed to go hand in hand with the book. I'm not sure how true that is but I love it. The questions and notecards feel more aligned with the test. I ended up buying the bundle of this app and the Network+ version. Why? Because I'll need it next so might as well pay $20 now vs $28.

Recommendation: Buy

Professor Messer

Every recommends him for Network+ but I like how he talks through the Security+ stuff as well. I watched a few youtube videos and ultimately bought his notes and practice test. I like that it's 3 full length practice test, because for me I need to know what is expected on these questions. You can just buy his test if you want but I like comparing notes as well.

Recommendation: Buy

That's all I got. I'm going to stop wasting time and go back to studying. 😅

Edited 2/15/20 - added links to security+ app for ios and android