Tv Inspired Challenges

How a tv show inspired my next life mini challenge

Tv Inspired Challenges

So I was watching Undercover Billionaire because...I'm weird. I'm not sure. Anyway the challenge on the show is to turn $100 into $1M in 3 months. Now I personally got mentally stuck after flipping $300, but then I started to think "why can't I do this on a small scale?" I feel pretty "safe" in life and I'm not happy with where I am (I should be making waaaay more money outside of work), so I've decided to do my own challenge.

The Challenge

Starting Dec. 1st I'll be'll be making $5k in 3mos. Feel free to join me on this challenge. The only rule I have for myself is that I can't count money I make from coding. Why? Because I know that's easy for me. It's my thing and I want to make this amount outside of my normal thing.


I really don't know. If your doing this with then you can make the money however (please don't tell me if it's illegal). I'll probably spend a lot more time in HyperNova to make the money as I've made quite a bit in the past year. Outside of that...whatever. lol


Sorry this wasn't tech related. Thought I'd write something normal for once