Things Are Slow

journey update and some truth about my mental capacity

Things Are Slow

They say slow and steady wins the race but I'm not sure. I've been really meh-ish lately. It's been mentally challenging to complete just about anything. I either can't focus or I just feel over the task.

I feel like people be telling you how they just working on 100 all the time and honestly I work at like 50-75%. It works for me and every time I leave my lil threshold this happens and I regret it. It's not that I can't be higher than that but I also don't need to go hard 24/7 ya know. Self care is what the therapist calls it.

So what have you been doing?

Certainly not studying for certs. lol I know that sounds bad but hear me out. I had to end a contract so I can make space for my health issues, BUT I've also put more time in business things. I'm going to be doing a hybrid setup thing so I can play with Jenkins and networking a lot more, I will actually finish my "Reaction Journal" app this month, and lastly I been working with a friend (not sure if they want to be named) about an app.

Are you going to finish the certs? 🙄

I promise I am. I learn better doing hands on stuff. All that reading not really for me. I read a lot in general but super technical things are like #1 most boring shit people ever thought to put on paper. I probably won't get the certs in the same order I said before. Also like...certs are fucking expensive. lol Junos I can get for free but because I failed SAA that's $150 and CYSA+ is like $300. I gotta use my money wisely at the right time ya know?

But anyway I hope this is a good update for you. If not well...I'm not sure what to tell you. I'm not going to lie about progress on here so yea.

P.S. If you want to try to make some good side money try to join Hypernova so you too can afford certs