The Best Thing to Happen in Mobile Development

The Best Thing to Happen in Mobile Development

I'm excited about this one. I'm always complaining about how "people are stupid" but also how "devs could do more to alert users on how their info is used". Recently the Apple has made a change that puts the details about your data front and center. Now before we talk about things in depth I want to say Android has always had this but you have to click on a link. I think the way apple does things is way better. So let's take a look.


As you can see in the image apple gives 3 big cards breaking down how data is linked to you. Because I just side-eyed clubhouse we will use them in this example. Front and center you can see that the get your contacts, how you use the app, contact info, and identifiers. You can click into that square to see more details if you want and I highly suggest it.

clubhouse app store page from Jan 22


So like I said Google's permissions are bit more hidden but you can still find them. In the developer details there is a "permissions" header. You want to click "see details. I'll use facebook as an example here. as you can see you get a little popup to scroll through the links.

facebook google play store page

I want Google to make a change to also show this information front in center. People are always the weakest link when it comes to security. The only way I see to make people look at the data they are giving away is to put it front and center.

One day there will be a point where people can't use the "we didn't know" excuse. Stop not knowing. Force these apps (and their app stores) to tell you up front before you download these apps.

P.S. Seems like Apple has changed the store view a bit. So to keep with my normal perception, they are cowards. lol