Setup Change

Let's talk light and mobile setups.

Setup Change

This is a little "early" but I want to talk about how I'm changing a few things. I want to make some major life changes this year, as you know. I'd love to be living overseas fairly soon and be rocking contracting work. Regardless I want to lighten up my work tools. The following is what I'm thinking:


This won't go away because sometimes you need to run Xcode while on the go. I guess we can say this would be my daily driver.


I've become spoiled with the ease of reading pdfs on my iPad, I'd like to keep that life. I think everyone deserves a good tablet for the heavy reading. I still keep a kindle for ebooks but STEM (science, mathematics, and engineering) things on it is not ideal.

Surface Go

I want to separate my personal stuff and business stuff. I would be using this setup for contracting. I usually have separate profiles on my computer but that is a risk I can't take on this venture. The Surface Go is portal and enough to get me through IT task (remote into servers, change things on aws, ect).

Mini ITX Desktop

This is more personal than anything else. I want a smaller desktop because it's easier to move with. I use my desktop for light school work and hacking. If I were to get into bug bounties I'd probably move hacking to yet another laptop. Which laptop you might be wonder? The Razor Blade Stealth (please sponsor me) has all I need . Good specs for gaming, school, and running VMs for hacking

Hoping this brain dump helps someone. If you have any suggestions on keeping a light and mobile please let me know.