My New Love of Rust

Ok I'm jumping the gun here, I don't actually know if I love rust but it's making my little dev soul happy. I haven't gotten to use it directly when working with smart contracts but my goal is to get that going soon. Oh wait...let me tell you why I like's like C++ and Java had a baby and those are my babies. lol Well let me tell you what I have setup and my plan of attack.


I'm pretty simple with setups/tools. I'm of course on windows so here is what I'm working with:

  1. WSL 2
  2. VSCode or Vim
  3. Cargo
  4. Rust VS Code Plugin
  5. The Rust Programming Language Book

Plan of Attack

Per usual I'm gonna wing everything. That being said I do have a general path I think I want to take and don't worry, I'll be posting occasionally over here.

The plan is to work through AT LEAST 50% of 'The Rust Programming Language' book. During this time I'll also do a build space on rust ( I think it's building a sol dapp). By the end of the year I hope to have enough small rust projects that I can say "I'm open to entry level rust development".

How will I know when to stop using the book or advertise my  "open shop"? When I get bored. I know that's not very helpful, but if I feel like I have pushed myself as much as possible with the book and then on my own there will be no reason to keep "kicking the can".

How are you tracking progress?

I won't deem this a success without the following:

  • 5 blog post across platforms
  • "beefy" github repo
  • beign able to explain the pros and cons of the language
  • possibly live streaming work on a project