My First Smart Contract

I've been reading a lot of blockchain things lately. My end goal is to get into smart contract creation and auditing. I'll admit the first time I thought about this I was just saying stuff. I really had no clue what it ment in 2018. Since then I've kept a toe in the water and now, I'm looking at things under the hood.

My Experience

I have done this tutorial by Truffle 3 times. I can't really tell you what happened to the last two projects but this third one I really paid attention. What made it easier was the hackathon I did last month-ish on Gitcoin. The whole time I was doing the last hackathon I had no clue what I was doing. I just followed the instructions on what to change. Gotta admit, not my personal best work but it was very good for learning.

Now that I've circled back to do the Truffle tutorial everything is clicking. It's probably a mix of blindly following instructions, understanding the why, trading experience, and a lot of reading on the basics. Either way I definitely feel like I have all the infinity stones (for now).

Advice For Starting

My advice would be to follow the following steps:

  1. Read eth white paper/ watch some videos
  2. Find some articles on blockchain basics/ watch some videos
  3. Try the truffle tutorial
  4. Maybe look into a beginner hackathon on Gitcoin or just take a peak at the code for one of the many chains
  5. Circle back to the truffle tutorial

What's Next

More building per usual. The reading and videos themselves aren't really helping me. Getting my hands "dirty" and just figuring it all out has been my saving grace.