Lens IDE Working With WSL 2

Steps on getting Lens IDE to work with WSL 2.

So I've been deep into the container world and came across this app for visualization and easy management called Lens. Download it here.

Steps to Connect with WSL 2

  1. In the search bar type \\wsl$ and hit enter to run command
  2. Within that file explorer find your linux distro
  3. Open your wsl terminal
  4. run pwd and note the path printed (if your not at root (~) then you should go there first)
  5. go to that path from the file explorer
  6. find your .kube/config file
  7. open Lens
  8. got to file > preferences > kubernetes
  9. scroll to Kubeconfig Syncs
  10. hit the Sync files button
  11. back in your initial file explorer right click on the config file and go to properties
  12. copy the location path
  13. post path into search box in the Lens file explorer
  14. restart Lens
  15. enjoy visualizations