Learning Jenkins

talking about learning Jenkins. Small brain dump.

Learning Jenkins

This is going to be fairly quick but I been really lacking on things I want to do. This next month Backpack Media is basically shutting down. There has been no time or space for internal stuff and I've been trying to get my IT life together. That being said I just decided to jump into the Jenkins stuff on CloudBees Academy. Why? I'm stressed and hate mobile right now so I needed something new to do on the computer.

So I'm going to tell you what I like about this so far, but I'm also going to state that I've used Jenkins before and struggled through making pipelines for apps. I had no clue what the terms ment just a "fuck it" attitude.


I really love the format of these classes. It's self-paced and really just a bunch of slides and then labs. Reminds me of grad school if we are being honest. You go to class for 1.5hr and listen to some topic and then have lab once a week. I will say that some instructions weren't "easy" to troubleshoot. I've used Virtual Box and Vagrant so I could google what I needed. Most new people might not get it.


The labs are straight forward and piggyback off the general "lecture" slides. I'll finish these before Junos because of the labs. lol I just really appreciate things I can do on my own and see with my eyes.


Every section that you finish you get a certificate for and you can add it to your LinkedIn profile. I'm definitely going to use this before attempting the cert. I'd add every single step to my LinkedIn profile especially if your getting into DevOps as well.


So this isn't really a pro I like per se. I just wanted to say that if you have been on the surface of Jenkins this feels like a good course. Now you can clearly tell that this is better as an in-person class but I think the labs can really fill in any gaps from the slides.

PS: This is a mini mind dump but if you have some questions hit me on twitter because I realize I never fixed the comments on here (so sorry).