Knowledge Management System (KMS)

What is a Knowledge Management System, why you should use it, and what I'm using.

One of my obsidian graphs

What is a KMS

A KMS is a system that holds idea/notes/solutions to things you encounter in life. Your own personal library if you will.

Why use a KMS

Why not? I don't want to sound "woo woo" but 1984 is a book you def need to check out. tldr the government started rewriting history on paper so the people only knew what they published. Kinda like how pre-movie books are vastly different from the post-movie books. Don't you want to remember some things as they were and not an altered version?

Another reason is you can build a library of resources to pass down in your family or help friends and family at any time. For me this is different than the digital library I share with friends. This is more notes based but it can be whatever you want it to be.

What program I'm using

I'm personally using Obsidian. It's a pretty cool program I learned about in one of the many groups I'm in. There is this learning method called Zettelkassen where you basically start with a single notecard and then build off that idea and connect ideas with pointing the corners off the card. Read about it here.

Obsidian reminds me of that. Once you watch enough videos and start linking things you get a really cool mind map (seen above).

You don't have to use Obsidian as your program of choice. You can use subject notebooks, Notion, Bear, GDrive, ect. The point is that you make a system that works for you and that you can stick with.

My experience

Thus far building my KMS has been exciting. I have told a few friends about it and they think it's cool. I've always been one to pass down notes and I was looking for something like this (Rocket wasn't a solution). My siblings have had my notes from hs as needed but imagine if I could transfer that into a digital system and share it will anyone to come (or refresh myself on topics). That is my goal here, but I will say it hasn't been easy.

I've been figuring out the study method and such for me and the hardest things to transfer are book notes. I now write in technical books as I go so I can reference when I return. I'm not sure how this will work on the kindle but I'm willing to update after a few trials. Regardless I just want you to know that trying to bring your old systems up to par is no small thing if you choose this path.

Hopefully this was helpful and sparks an idea in you. If you have some cool Obsidian stuff let me know. If you want to compare templates/note taking structure we can do that to. I'm all for long term knowledge sharing.