Intro to Networking Writeup

Just wanted to write a brief intro to these writeups. I'm working on Try Hack Me Boxes and since I want to sit for the CYSA+ this year I want to make sure that I get some practice in writing the steps to finding answers. This is a first of many so hope you enjoy.

What is Networking

  1. Key term: Network

What is the Internet

  1. Internet inventor: Tim Berners-Lee

Identifying Devices on a Network

  1. Define IP: internet protocol
  2. Section of IP called?: octet
  3. Number of IP sections: 4
  4. Define MAC: Media Access Control
  5. Flag
  • view site
  • change Bob's MAC to 00:12:32:2F:33:39
  • request site button


  1. what protocol: ICMP
  2. ping syntax: ping
  3. flag
  • visit site
  • put in the box
  • hit button