I'm shutting this down

Hello everyone.

Well the title is the TLDR but I wanted to take this space to explain why if that's cool.

The sap part

I started this blog to track my progress moving into security and then devops. Well I absolutely achieved those goals. I'm not sure what else to do with this blog from here. I don't think you all would enjoy me just skilling up. I want to add value on these interwebs. It's been fun writing here and there, but this new path I want to take is more self-research/do-er heavy.

So the solution

I'll keep this blog up for a year. Not sure if I'll reuse this url. If enough people ask for me to keep this alive I'll figure out what that looks like, but for now this is just an archive. Thanks for reading all my things and giving me suggestions. This was fun...we made it through a pandemic together (ok we kinda still in one but yea), we got some certs, we some jobs, and we made some money. Couldn't end this on a better note.