My Setup For a Successful Year

How I set myself up for a successful year in Notion

My Setup For a Successful Year

For the past year I have been trying to figure out how to track everything going on in my life. Working with Tirzah I tried out the panda planner, but not all of that stuck. After working with Beez I tried Trello. I realized I kinda liked a mix of those two options. Insert Adrian's suggestion, Notion. Notion is a one stop shop for a lot of apps. I can do checklist, kaban boards, tables...Anything really. So I started using it at the beginning of the year. Notion has been helping me organize my life for work, school, podcast, and side hustles. Enough fan-girling, let me tell you how I track goals.

Step 1

First you want to create a 5 year goal list and put everything you wish to achieve. I apparently made my list during a low moment in 2018 so I took that and I'm rocking with it. Put this list in a page called 5 Year Goal and make is a to-do checklist.

Step 2

Pick the main goals top focus on for the year. Break them up into actionable task that you can so within a quarter (3 mos). Now make another Page called Yearly Goals and this will be a kaban board (one of those todo, doing, done things). You want to put this actionable task into the this board and make sure that you give them a deadline. This deadline will be Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4.

Step 3

This task is a lil different and repeating. Every week you want to make a new page with the dates for the week (image below). This page will also be a kaban board for easy tracking. Put everything that you know is due this week you put in the to do column. As things get thrown at you during the week you want to add it to the ToDo column.

My starting board for the week

Step 4

Step 4 is the hardest ready....execute. That's it. Finding a system is the easy part but now you need to execute, see those task moving every week, and be great.