Homelab or Something

I talk about my plan to build and document my journey building a homelab.

They say every great sysadmin/sre/devops engineer has a good homelab. Ok maybe that's not a real thing, BUT I do feel like this holds true for people that are the best in this space. Not sure if you noticed but I want to be the best. lol

How to be the best?

I don't actually know. I'm just spit balling here but I'm going to work on my own homelab that allows me to explore some of the main tech I talked about last time.

Will you blog your setup?

I will try. I probably won't blog all of it because there are some things that really have nothing to do with the devops/sre space. I don't think I'll stream though so there will be no video to go with the words. Sorry but I can only do so much and stay motivated.

How long will all this take?

Well let's just say this is March. I increase in age in June. Before that day I want to have a lab that I can access securely form any location.

So where do you start?

Wel I think I'm going to start with two "small" projects. The first will be installing k3s to a raspberry pi. The other is installing pihole to another raspberry pi.

K3s is a lightweight version of kubernetes and I really want to get better in that space without getting another cert. That device will be be for kubenetes type of labs only. Pihols is a network adblocker and monitor. I see that a lot of people say it's a cool starter prjects so going to use it to boost my confidence.

These are all the details I can think of that are important at the moment but as things get built I'll come back to update and hopefully help you avoid my mistakes if you want to follow suite.