What's in your home lab?*

An idea on what to have in your home lab as a beginner security expert.

What's in your home lab?*
Photo by Banter Snaps / Unsplash

Every seen the hashtag "LabEveryday"? Ever look at someone's home lab as they are learning? Dope! I too am always interested in what tools people are using so I thought I'd give some insight of what's in my lab.


  • Mac - daily driver
  • Windows desktop - it's easier to run linux from here (PS. support for Windows 7 is ending so go upgrade)
  • Raspberry Pis - I have like 4 but I wanted a server rack
  • Ultrawide monitor - Makes it easier to see a lot at once. I should probably move to a 2 screen setup in the near future
  • MX Master - a very comfortable mouse for my hand size
  • Mechanical Keyboard - I just really like the feel when typing
  • USB with Kali Linux - in case I need to start over
  • Low end cellphone - I need to have a clean device I could potentially malicious code on


  • BurpSuite - allows me to do pentesting; check out Bug Crowd University on how to set it up on your machine
  • Bear - Take notes as I hack so my report is nice and detailed
  • OWASP ZAP - I actually don't have this yet but it's similar to burp
  • Virtual Box - where I can run my linux "sandbox"
  • Android Studios - I prefer not to use android debugger from the command line if I don't have to

How do you know what to have?

Everyone's lab is going to look different. I think you shouldn't focus on your lab to start. As you start putting in more hours and you find there is something you really need to get your hands on to move forward (ie a server for you networking peeps) then you start looking for that product. I highly recommend everyone in tech have an external monitor ESPECIALLY if you have a lil 13" screen like me. Upgraded peripherals are up to you. I hate moving my hand a lot for horizontal scrolling so that's why I have a MX Master, and the apple keyboard is too flat so I decided to jump to a mechanical keyboard.

If your a younger person or even just starting out, outside of your computer don't plan to spend more than $100/yr on your lab until you can see a return (up to your interpretation)

*Sorry picture is not of my setup. My room is under construction