Getting Back Up

being transparent or whatever

Getting Back Up

Tbh I don't want to talk about this at all but I also think it's important. I've failed 2 solutions architect certifications. I'm not bragging about it...honestly it pisses me off. I didn't know what I was really getting into with the Google one but with AWS...I'm not really sure what I was missing.

I'm more of a do-er than a reader. It one of my greatest strengths and weakness. If I don't do something enough time I'm essentially always going in blind. I hate it but I can't sit around and mope about it all the time. Anyway the AWS test I want to take retires in July so I'm going to get that mofo this month at all cost.

Whats the plan? Fuck if I know. lol More testing every other day, note cards on the weekends, and reading some non tech books. I actually do really bad in everything when super stressed so I've been reading more for balance. Past that I'm not really sure what else to do.

The whole point of writing this is because it's part of my journey. If you fail something feel it for like 48hours and then make a new plan to do better. I mean...won't lie, I took a week because of my birthday but whatever. Acknowledge it and move on.