Finally back

navigating my next career step

Finally back

Look...I been trying to get into this dashboard for like a week. Since I'm "back" I can finally tell you what I'm working on doing with my career in this devops/security space.

What I realized

So I was asking around to understand how I can better support my resume for devops roles. After a few conversations I realized I have nothing to support my linux, networking, or architecture knowledge. If you were to read my resume it's very mobile with a hint of side projects no matter how I swing it.

How to fix it

So I told you I didn't pass the AWS SAA but never fear going to sit for that again next month. I also started a Junos course thanks to John and I would like to sit for that one soon since I've been dragging my feet. I do have some issues with the learning platform but whatever. This is just an intro to the system and is actually helping me understand a bit more networking.

Now linux is a different beast. I don't want to sit for that test at all. I do however want to strengthen my skills so I'm going to go back and take this course I have on it. Lastly I'm looking to get the CySA+ by the end of the year. It's a security analyst cert and that's essentially one of the directions I want to head in with business. This cert will also help me move to app sec a little easier.

You said a lot...accountability?

Look...if I don't post about having Junos, SAA, and CySA+ by the end of the year you can call me on my shit. I have dates on my calendar. I've cleared up some space in my schedule, and I've signed up for classes (I hate wasting money). I will get this done and secure a Govt contract this year because that is the only real goal I have for 2020 given the state of the world.

I hope this is a nice come back post. If I can get this blog back on my mac I promise I'll give even more insight into this process. If you want to hear more about govt contracting let me know and I can write a few things. Like I stated at the start, this blog is going to track me getting into devops and/or app sec. Even when I fail I want to be transparent about coming back because a always win story is boring.

Anyway, Enjoy your weekend. Going to stream a computer build (minus GPU) this weekend so follow me on twitch!