Custom Automations

Talking through potential automation services I could offer.

Custom Automations

As of writing this, April 15th, I just completed a custom script for my friend Ari. The script saves her completed zoom calls to a certain folder. Not too hard to do per se but was a fun challenge for me. This had me thinking...How can I use this to make some extra funds?

I write scripts or bots all the time to solve issues I have, but I don't do well advertising them. It's wild that my friends always find things to throw at me regardless,  so I been things about how I can "expand" on this past time. I think there are a few options available here:

Setting up Zapier

Ari's automation was a mix of zapier and aws lambda because it had the least amount of setup steps. I enjoy Zapier because whatever it is missing I can usually code out. I can setup and keep an eye out on any zaps people want.

Social Media Bots

I have made quite a few twitter bots but I can also pickup anything I need at this point. My favorite part about social media bots are that it can help businesses stay "active" with little work (it's what I do). All one would need to do is tell me what the bot should do and where it will be hosted. Guess this would also be a good plug for monthly managing as well to make sure the bot doesn't go down.

Custom scripts/automations

Basically what I did for Ari. She just said "hey can you do this thing?" and told me what she needed. I ran into a slight snag but came up with an alternative. She gave me free reign to use the most cost efficient solution to solve her pain point. I like this option the most because it feels more open.

Anyway, I just wanted to brain dump this in a post because maybe your thinking about how to take your main skill and make some extra income. If so I'd suggest you just write out any and every possibility that's related first and then knock off the "hard no"s.