I just wanted to make a page for books I think will help further your understanding and career in devops and software development.

Python for Devops

I think this book is a really good high level breakdown of what devops is how python aids in doing well at the job. If your on the fence about moving into devops I think this is for you.

AWS Networking Fundamentals by Toni Pasanen (In Progress)

Building a data center in aws. You learn the why and how of setting up different parts of your data center. There is also some cloud formation code for a few things.

Grokking Simplicity by Eric Normand (In Progress)

This book is about functional programming. It has really helped me understand some things I was told in the past about code organization and refactoring. It also is helping me understand the pros of immutable languages. I'll see if I have anything to add upon completion.