AWS AppSync

AWS AppSync

I've been thinking about this for a few days. I used AWS AppSync "successfully" earlier this week. I tried using AppSync about a year ago when making React Native apps but it seemed so difficult (this is why we don't use JS kiddos). This time I'm looking to build out an api anyone can use that competes with Leafly. I have no problems being honest about that because they don't give api access (or at least I got no response upon request). Back to the important things tho...the following are my pros and cons to AppSync thus far


Things felt like a quick setup. If you already have api docs adding a scheme with the tool is so easy. Just make sure your properties match and AWS does all the mutations and stuff for you.

If you super into the AWS ecosystem and want something like firebase I think this is the way to go. I have heard of more people using it for mobile apps than websites, but it's essentially a "get to prod" quick tool that easily competes and beats firebase.


Its a little confusing figuring out how to connect your api or functions. To be honest the steps don't make sense. I wish there was just a built in editor to make functions. From API Gateway it would great to just be able to tie the two together and then point the function to the endpoint in a graphical manner.

I still haven't really figured out how to test queries for this. I'm sure I'll figure it out this weekend when I take a break but felt impossible. I think there should be some test crud queries on creation. I have to read more but I'm actually not sure if the graphql things I need to "hit" are the mutations nor do I know how.

That's all I got for now. I'll be back with an update once the website to use the api is live. I'll be streaming a lost of AWS stuff on twitch during this time. I'll explain more of the why in the next post.