2021 Setup Update

I figured youtubers give desk tours every year so I’ll try to do setup updates every year. We almost half way thru the year but I’m finally getting things together so lets get into it.


Per usual this old thing is sticking around. Lol By winter I want to move to the M1 mac mini because I’m really trying to cut down on working when vacationing (I say that a lot). This would mean I don’t need the macbook for travel it can just stay home, and I’m hoping as the agency is built out there is less and less dev I personally have to do as well.


So I don’t use my desktop like I thought which isn’t shocking. I’d like to sell what I have and go even smaller. Why? I want a small power house for creative things. Video editing and production would be the mains. I kinda game but its not a big thing so not really accounting for that. I also removed the needed use for “lab every day” which leads me to the next thing...

Windows laptop

Its always good to have atleast one windows machine but this machine is solely for lab-ing. I login and only use the VMs. There is really no need for this to have windows other than if I need to do labs dealing with windows. So what VMs am I running? Good question! Kali linux, ubuntu, jenkins on ubuntu server, and pending splunk or metaspolit (I’m not sure how far down this hole I'm going).


I'm making this a section just because its a thing but not a thing. How do you all use a tablet in your setup? I can’t figure it out and I’m not sure if its because clutter stresses me, too many passwords, or I just don’t have a use for it like I thought. Regardless of the right answer if things don’t change by eoy then I’ll remove it.

So I think thats it for me. Nice high level of life separation. My main goal this year has changed a lot because of career, health, and my work with a business coach (we will talk about it). That being said I just want to build as much as possible as frequently as possible without burning out. Not sure if separation helps but willing to try. Ideally I’d make revenue off some things, but not going to stress myself to get there either.